Tuesday, December 17, 2013

E-cigarettes could save millions of lives


In this article, the audience reads about the new and advanced ways of smoking which is electronic cigarettes.  It is said that in UK alone 100,000 death occur each year because of smoking and as the world in a whole more then five million humans die on the result of smoking. So scientist have created these e-cigarettes to decrease the rates of death that are occurring.  Rather then smoking in toxic substances e-cigarette users only inhale vaporized liquid nicotine.
In this article I learned that many people are hoping to save lives.
In my opinion I believe it is a great idea to take away all the unnatural toxins and find a healthier alternate.The only reason it seems skeptical to me is because e-cigarettes are a new product and there are no long term effects that have occurred yet, so we can only hope that this new product brings good to us rather then bad.

On Newtowns Anniversary,Americas mental health system is still a mess.


In this article, the audience reads about Americas mental health system.Since the Newtons incident last year there has been numerous amounts of shootings that have occurred because of the mentally ill, and to be exact there has been 14 in total since the Sandy Hook incident. With these numbers it would suggest that our government should have done something about it. And  of course they have, Obama has passed many acts and there has been alot of money put into institutions for the mentally ill. But, as the article suggests these by making many institutions doesn't mean the rates of killing will go down. There is more that we need to do as a nation to fix these problems.
In this article I learned that people are trying to make things better but we are not where we need to be with the amount of people dying.
In my opinion I believe the mentally ill should be taken care of more seriously. And I am not stating that because they are mentally ill that they will do something wrong. But because they are mentally unstable anything can tick in their mind to make the explode.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Can Hazing Make a Team Stronger?


This article is talking about the controversial topic about hazing. This article is pro on hazing because it is to the believed that if it takes complete hardship to join a group it becomes more important. And an other reason is that when every member has something traumatic happening to them as the join they form a bond. But the reason why its so controversial is because some of the hazing ideas are far to extreme and end up injuring or hurting someone.In my opinion hazing is wrong. There is no reason to harm someone or make someone to do something embarrassing to enter a group.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hate Crime


This article is referring to hate crimes. And in this article Micheal Enright is imprisoned in jair for 9 1/2 years for attacking a cab driver. This man was a alcoholic for many years and as he was entering the cab he was also drunk. Micheal asked if the driver was Muslim and he responded with a yes. Because of this Micheal killed a innocent life. Its referred to hate crime because it discriminated a specific religion.

As for what was being discussed in class I believe that everyone has judgment in them. Because that's how the beginning of time was. Though we have evolved greatly from that time, those feelings still come in our human nature. Its something that is unstoppable.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Exercise during pregnancy.


This article is talking about women excising during their pregnancy. There were 60 women who went through this test. Many of the women kept logs on what they did each day and how they worked out. Once the baby was born, the babies were being researched on for 8-12 days. And they found that babies whose mothers did exercise has more of a developed brain. Many may thing it can hurt the baby, but clearly it befits the baby  it also contributes to the the women body to stay shape.

Monday, November 11, 2013



This article is talking about and suggests that children they grew up learning and practicing music are far more educated then kids who didn't. The study included 44 adults from the age of 55-76.Because of learning and playing music it is said they were capable to responding to speech sound. I think that this could be really true. Because music requires skills and discipline that is needed throughout our lifetime.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Concussed Kids Need Break From School

Concussed Kids Need Break From School

This article is talking about kids that have got a concussion. The article states that kids who have got a concussion should take time of out of school. Doing this will allow kids to slowly get back into their academics. By doing this it will help the recovery team and will put less stress on the students brain. Some people my argue that by taking the kids out for a while will ruin their education but, in my opinion by taking the kids out your relaxing their brain and easing them  back into their regular study habits. Which eventually will help the student instead of hurting him and his brain. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Paying for Kidneys

This article is talking about the issues of paying living donors for their kidneys
which would help lower the number of end stage renal disease. If people are okay with this many
lives will be saved. The ethical issues is that poor family might feel implied to give their liver away so they can support their family. In my opinion it should be okay because the last decision is on you. Not only are you getting money for you needs but your saving a life which is two advantages.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


This article is talking about the new gadget that google has been creating which is the Google Glasses. Indeed smart phones have almost cleared out the use of cameras and videos. But these glasses will clear out the use of smatphones too. Its a handfree computer right on your forehead.This invention will be completely popular but the concern is that it will make it easy to record people an ect.   It has already been banned in some places. Personally i think is an awesome object. But it will increase the rate of obesity in our nation and can cause many issues because of recording.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

You'd Be surprised how many people who are fine think theres something wrong with them.


In this article a man came to his doctor to get a Ct scan due to the fact that he was having bad headaches and thought he had a brain clot. As the doctor looked through history nothing could be wrong with this man. But the man kept insisting and the doctor was confused on what to do.To either tell him to just keep a positive mind or give the scan and increase his chance with radiation. The doctor refused him which ended up being fired from this patient. The reason why this is such a problem is because alot of people are thinking there is somthing wrong with them when there isnt which means that all these people have server anxiety.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Homework Blog


In class today we had a discussion about gay marriage. But it was twisted up because this was the second time the topic was brought up and this time we had to think about it in the opposite belief that we had.With saying that I was against gay marriage because it states in the bible that a man and a women belong together not man and man nor women and women. Also it doesn't biological make sense that a man and man or a women and women come together. Because the prime purpose of our being is to reproduce.By saying that the reason why this topic was so hard for me to think about the other side was because I was brought up in a strict christian family and because of that it has played a huge role in my life which I have chosen, not pressured into, to practice. And by agreeing to it it bothered me that I had to go against something I believe in.  But it also states in the bible that as humans we have no right to judge but TRY to a correct mans way. If that's not possible the rest is in Gods hands. Personally to me I don't think their are strategists to think about the other side but to be open and sensible to the other persons views and try to attest understand it even if you don't believe in it.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Embryos are not "life forms"


The article " Embryos are not "life forms" is a article about South Korea's court ruling that fertility embryos are not life forms. Which means that embryos that have been used or are used to medical research is no harm and even throwing it out after using it for months are years isnt much of a problem because it isnt a human. The main reason why this was passed way because the Koreans want to do research its not to harm but it expand their knowledge. To

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Global Warming Is Real


On September 27th there were a couple of international scientist who all gathered together in a ol birck brewery in Stockholm to give a sure answer if global warming is occurring because of human activity.  One of the first reasons they knew that global warming is occurring is because the fossil fuel and the temperature of it has risen in the past few decades, which caused the the sea levels to rise.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


In this article it is discussing about if doctors have the right to end a patients life physically on the patients terms. In other times like stated in the article"allowing physicians to prescribe lethal dose of medication to terminally ill patients."  There are so for three states in America that have allowed this to pass which are Oregon, Vermont, and Washington.
 "According to the 2012 data from Oregon and Washington, more than 90% of the 160 patients who used the Death With Dignity laws were enrolled in hospice at the time they took their life-ending medication doses" as stated in the article. The main area where this takes place is in the hospice care. They play the role in actually killing each patient. Using hospice care has not been on a decline neither a increase it has stayed at a steady pace. 

Personally to me. Death is Death. A person themselves shouldnt be deciding it. God has a time and place for you to come and go and its up to him not you.