Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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In class today we had a discussion about gay marriage. But it was twisted up because this was the second time the topic was brought up and this time we had to think about it in the opposite belief that we had.With saying that I was against gay marriage because it states in the bible that a man and a women belong together not man and man nor women and women. Also it doesn't biological make sense that a man and man or a women and women come together. Because the prime purpose of our being is to reproduce.By saying that the reason why this topic was so hard for me to think about the other side was because I was brought up in a strict christian family and because of that it has played a huge role in my life which I have chosen, not pressured into, to practice. And by agreeing to it it bothered me that I had to go against something I believe in.  But it also states in the bible that as humans we have no right to judge but TRY to a correct mans way. If that's not possible the rest is in Gods hands. Personally to me I don't think their are strategists to think about the other side but to be open and sensible to the other persons views and try to attest understand it even if you don't believe in it.

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