Tuesday, December 17, 2013

E-cigarettes could save millions of lives


In this article, the audience reads about the new and advanced ways of smoking which is electronic cigarettes.  It is said that in UK alone 100,000 death occur each year because of smoking and as the world in a whole more then five million humans die on the result of smoking. So scientist have created these e-cigarettes to decrease the rates of death that are occurring.  Rather then smoking in toxic substances e-cigarette users only inhale vaporized liquid nicotine.
In this article I learned that many people are hoping to save lives.
In my opinion I believe it is a great idea to take away all the unnatural toxins and find a healthier alternate.The only reason it seems skeptical to me is because e-cigarettes are a new product and there are no long term effects that have occurred yet, so we can only hope that this new product brings good to us rather then bad.

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